Soil analysis that digs deeper

Dig Deeper

Deep soil cores reveal your soil’s history so you can manage for its future.

Stay Grounded

Modern tech rooted in traditional soil classification.

Realize your vision

Soils-based decision making for higher returns next year and the next and the next…

How it works

Layer Up

GroundWork creates a map of your field with as much information as available. GroundWork soil projects use these layers to start:

  • Topography maps - topography is a driver of soil formation and water movement
  • Electrical conductivity maps - EC maps are a great way to see where soils change. They allow us to trace back the paths of glaciers, streams and winds as they formed the landscape that is now your farm.
  • Grower knowledge - you know your fields best. We listen closely to your observations and concerns and incorporate that data into the process.

In addition to this base information, GroundWork also uses the following data sources if they are available:

  • Yield monitor data
  • Satellite imagery
  • Equipment sensors
Dig Deeper

With a clear map of your field, the GroundWork team will select strategic places to take deep soil cores using a hydraulic soil probe.

Stay Grounded

Each horizon in the soil core is identified based on the trusted soil classification systems that have been used for decades.

Make Plans

The soil core analysis is overlaid with the data from Step 1. The resulting maps are the heart of GroundWork's soils-based decision making including:

  • Variable rate fertilizer scripts
  • Selective fungicide
  • Variable planting population
  • Soil amendments
  • Variable rate tillage
  • Targeted scouting
  • Optimized planter set up

Achieve your Vision

As GroundWork is rooted in trusted soil classifications, it doesn't expire; your soil map won't change year over year. New fertility maps can easily and inexpensively be generated from year to year, but the base soil map is consistent and reliable. You can feel confident using this foundation of information to implement soils-based management to achieve your vision for your farm.



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